Firefighter Mom Superhero – Updated, 2022

Lorna Biggam is a Firefighter mom of four from Scotland. Amongst her male colleagues, she is a very respected firefighter.

In fact, they say the firefighter mom is in better shape than any of them.

The mother is a competitive bodybuilder.

In fact, a mere 10 months after giving birth, she was a finalist in the British Female Bodybuilding Finals. Lorna’s partner Steve is also a bodybuilder.

“I think Steven and I are setting a good example by showing the kids how to look after their bodies,” she says.

However, Lorna admits that she is often judged for her muscular physique.

“People do stare at me when I’m out and about, and I’ve seen kids grab their mum’s hand when they’ve caught sight of me in the supermarket.

But my children and Steven couldn’t be prouder,” she says.

Lorna fell into weightlifting by accident. She was trying to recover from a knee injury she got during a charity football match.

She started lifting to build muscle around the joint, but her body took to it so well, she became addicted.

“The change in my body was dramatic, and I loved seeing my muscles strengthen and grow.

Within six months, I’d gained a stone [14 pounds] in muscle and went from a size 10 to a size 16,’ she says.

While many judge Lorna’s appearances, she chooses to never judge others.

If she is happy, healthy, and a good mum, then who is to say what she’s doing is wrong?

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