Building the aesthetic physique

Four steps to track your progress and get closer to your goals

Building the aesthetic physique you want is a process of proposal, testing, analyzing and adjusting. Assuming you don’t have a coach to do it for you, the process usually looks something like this:

  • Propose a training and diet plan
  • Give it a go
  • Analyse the results
  • Adjust to improve

Lots of people are good at the first two stages but they forget to undertake fair and reliable analysis which ultimately inhibits their progression.

When building an aesthetic physique the ultimate goal is visual so the majority of the tests are orientated around look and size.

That being said, it can help to log workouts as performance can be a helpful progress indicator to get that aesthetic physique.

A simple and relatively easy method I’ve found to be effective for personal progress is to every Sunday (or every other Sunday if in a more casual phase) wake up, stick the kettle on and log my body’s information.

aesthetic physique

Step 1: Take your body weight

Try to keep Saturday’s diet and training similar week-on-week to add consistency (or test on a morning after a day that you can keep consistent).

Step 2: Photograph your body

Log a number of standard poses both tensed and untested. Log in the same place, under the same light, with the same camera to keep the conditions as consistent as possible. If you can get someone to take them for you it’s much less hassle.

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Step three 3: Log your measurements for Building the aesthetic physique

Get hold of a Myotape. Your proportions can declare a whole lot of your improvement – if you’re upper body is growing while your waist can be reducing you’ll be aware of something is certainly going right.

If you’re gaining weight it can help you monitor that if you’re gaining weight it’s eliminated on in the proper places.

Things such as your waist may grow while setting up muscle but take on the ratio of your waist to your upper body and you’ll see your chest is continuing to grow more compared so overall could be a positive.

There are absolutely no perfect lists to check out, but I log everything I could, including joints every now and then. Joint’s won’t genuinely change but might help calculate proportions and healthy limits. What to regularly measure include:

Throat, Upper body, Breadth (width for shoulders), Biceps, Forearms, Wrists, Waist, Hips, Thighs, Calfs and Ankles. Guidance on how exactly to measure each body component are available FREE online using our fitness calculators in the widget areas on the right of this page also 🙂

Step 4: Have a body fat test

Having these records permit you to alter what you’re undertaking to boost progress. They’re also wonderful to look lower back on later down the road to find where you’ve result from.

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